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Bericht  ClaudiaSenegal op di mei 05, 2009 10:07 am

Production of onions: Senegal is now self-sufficient

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Onion production sector has experienced a considerable development in recent years. Thanks to the political will of the State, the producers' commitment and the involvement of different operators, the sector registered very positive results last year.

A few years ago, the consumption of onions depended largely on imports from Europe and especially Holland. But efforts by the State in the Niayes area and north of the country have helped to reverse the trend. These efforts have enabled producers to organize, enhance their capacities and acquire more resources to improve their performance. The partnership established with credible operators promoted the implementation of projects that have helped make the activities of producers profitable.
Thus, according to the Agency for Market Regulation (ARM), Senegal has produced about 40 000 tons in 2003. And in terms of estimates, production rose to 140 000 tons in 2008 with a turnover of approximately 15 billion FCFA. But this progress has been weighed down for weeks by difficulties in marketing. These barriers are due to the fact that the market was flooded with imported onions while transport is often difficult at first in certain areas of production.
In response to complaints from producers, the state has decided, through the ARM to freeze onion's imports from March 1, 2009. The measure will remain in force until August 31, 2009 and aims to enable local producers to sell their crops. At the same time, the ARM has launched a plan to raise awareness of producers' organizations to take certain precautions. These aim at ensuring good quality products in compliance with applicable prices, packaging, the establishment of a regular stock inventory, etc..
In consultation with producers' organizations, the ARM has fixed the price for the current marketing year. To this end, the price of a kilogram of onions is fixed at 180 CFA francs on the fields and 205 FCFA in the market. At parks onions, the price of a kilogram has been fixed at 220 CFA francs at most.

Talibouya BA, edting and translation by I. BARRY


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Re: Fijn om te weten

Bericht  eddy op ma mei 11, 2009 1:33 pm

Ja inderdaad, ook de malaria is in een bepaald gebied met 74% teruggedrongen en de aangehouden homo's zijn gelost. Verder blijft het wel een bende, troubles bij Senegal-air en ook politiek met de Wade-clan Shocked


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